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MDF Splice Tray 12 Core
รหัสสินค้า : SP12
ราคา ฿214.00THB

Fiber optic splice trays are designed to provide a location to store and to protect the fiber cables and the splices. 
Fiber optic splice trays are located at intermediate points along a route where cables are required to be joined or at the termination and patch panel points at the end of fiber cable runs. 
Splice trays normally hold up to 12 splices, and several trays are used together to splice a large fiber cable. Each tray provides space for mounting fiber splice protectors and excess fiber.

2. Features
Grey color and black color optional
Use for single-mode or multimode fiber
Durable injection-molded plastic trays and covers
Center holes for mounting of the tray
12-fiber splice trays installable in Wall Mount enclosures & splice clusures

3. Specification

Material ABS
Sealing performance Remain unchanged for72 hours on pressure 70kpa
Ambient temperature -40°C+55°C
Atmospheric pressure environment 70kpa-106kpa
Tensile strength ›1000N
Compressive strength withstand 2000N/10Cm² in 1min
Max volume 12 cores